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TRIAD Titan-8 Lithium Titanate Titanium Oxide Battery Packs


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TRIAD Supply a wide range of fully customizable Lithium Titanate battery packs suitable  for a wide range of applications from Automotive, Leisure and Off-Grid applications.


Lithium Titanate batteries last much longer than traditional Lithium-Ion batteries and have a life expectancy of around 50,000 charge and discharge cycles as apposed to 1000 cycles for conventional Lithium-Ion batteries and 5000 cycles for Lithium Polymer batteries.


This long lifespan makes Lithium Titanate batteries ideally suited to Off-Grid Solar Power installations and for heavy duty commercial vehicles.


TRIAD Offers a 25 Year Guarantee on all of our Lithium Titanate battery packs. 


Each battery pack is made to order at our factory in China an we ship worldwide.


Just select your desired battery voltage and capacity and get an instant price.


Choose between battery case designs: Waterproof Metal or Waterproof Impact Resistant Plastic.


All our Lithium Titanate battery packs come with free charger suitable for use with your home countries mains power sockets. With a suitable voltage for your custom battery pack.


Additional Information


12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v, 84v, 96v

Amp Hour

50ah, 100ah, 150ah, 200ah, 250ah, 300ah