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TRIAD APS 10kW 100100 Complete eMotorcycle Conversion Kit


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Categories: Electric Motors


TRIAD APS Series EV conversion kits takes the pressure off searching for the exact parts to match your custom eBike build.

The APS 10kW Water Cooled motor comes with everything you need to get started with your dream eBike build.

Kit Includes:

  • APS 100100 10kW BLDC Motor (with water cooling)
  • Aluminium Radiator (to Provide the perfect operating temperature for this motor)
  • Silicone Tubing and Jubilee Clamps
  • 12V Water Pump
  • 7kW 48-60V EV Controller APS7-4860 7Kw 
  • Throttle Kit (choose foot pedal, thumb throttle or twist throttle)
  • Safety Motor Cut Off Switch/Sensors for Hydraulic Brakes. (optional mechanical)
  • Cycle Analyst V3 LCD Programmable Controller Interface
  • Optional Battery Pack (choose from Lithium-Ion, Lithium Titanate or Lead Acid)
  • Unlimited free engineering support and advise
  • Free Premium Tool Kit + Multi-meter

Controller: TRIAD APS7-4860 7Kw controller

POWER: 7000watt rms
AMP: 160A rms
MOSFET: 36x IR4568
MAX VOLT: 60+-12V


NOTE: We offer computer aided design and CNC Machining Service to make the exact parts you need to make your motor fit your bike. Please contact us for more details.


We can supply more powerful custom motors and controllers upon request.



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No battery, Lead acid 48v 12ah, Lithium ion 48v 20ah, Lithium ion 48v 25ah, Lithium ion 48v 30ah, Lithium ion 48v 35ah, Lithium titanate 48v 20ah, Lithium titanate 48v 30ah, Lithium ion 60v 30ah, Lithium ion 72v 30ah, 72v 30ah (customised dimensions)