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TRIAD TriJet III Small Turbojet Engines for RC and Hobbyists


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TRIAD TriJet III Small Turbojet Engines for RC and Hobbyists

TRIAD aims to become the world’s leading engine supplier in RC aviation, powering some of the largest, fastest and longest-range RC jets available.

Our engines enable airframers to offer the perfect combination of speed, range, size, efficiency and reliability.

These engines combine the most efficient engine core available across the RC aviation sector with a brand-new low-pressure system, resulting in an 8% increase in take-off thrust at 17kg compared to our competitors.

The engine offers a 12% better thrust-to-weight ratio and 5% higher efficiency, while maintaining its class-leading low noise and emissions performance. 

Brand Name: TRIAD
Model Number: 2787397
Material: Metal
Warning: it need 15-30 days produce,long time ship,notice
Scale: 1:8
Certification: 3C
Certification: CE
Thrust: 17kg
Type: Turbojet

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16kg, 12kg, 14kg, 17kg