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TRIAD Custom 48V 400AH EV Battery


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Custom built battery for one happy customer. This battery is a LiFePO4 type with a cycle-life of 3000 charges.

We designed the battery to the highest possible standards. IP rated waterproof enclosure for ultimate safety.

We can design, build & manufacture any type of battery that you and or your organisation needs. 3 year guarantee on all our LiFePO4 batteries.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require a custom battery. We can supply small batteries, medium batteries and very large batteries in a variety of chemistries from Sealed Lead Acid to Lithium-Titanate.

We at TRIAD are aiming to be the UK's biggest supplier of EV & Off-Grid batteries. 

No project is too ambitious. We will take on any custom battery project.

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time.


Tel: +44 7438911859


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Battery Capacity

Lifepo4 48v 50ah, Lifepo4 48v100ah, Lifepo4 48v 150ah, Lifepo4 48v 200ah, Lifepo4 48v 300ah, Lifepo4 48v 400ah